February 17, 2014

28.03.2014 VALLEY OF THE SUN “Electric Talons Of The Thunderhawk” (Fuzzorama Records)

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Cincinnati, OH natives Valley of the Sun are a power trio in the truest sense.  Originally formed in June of 2010, the band started with the intention of pushing the boundaries of Stoner Rock in a new direction.  At a time when lo-fi recordings were en vogue, Valley of the Sun decided to buck the system and go the opposite direction, focusing on a more sleek sound and presentation.

Recording their first EP “twothousandten” only 3 short months after their birth, the group quickly found themselves on the radar of the hard rock/stoner rock underground and playing with bands such as The Sword, Priestess, Karma to Burn, The Atomic Bitchwax and many more.  Word of the band spread quickly, and by the Spring of 2011 the group had built a supportive fan base and was able to successfully crowdfund the money needed to record and release their follow up EP, “The Sayings of the Seers”.  Recorded in May of 2011, the band decided to work with producer John Naclerio at Nada Studios in New Windsor, NY.  Known for his work with bands such as My Chemical Romance, Brand New, and Midtown among others, his ear for clean production and pop sensibility is what drew the band to him.  The release of “The Sayings of the Seers” was released in time to find itself on the road with the band as they joined Sweden’s Truckfighters on their first US tour, further raising their visibility in the genre.

After taking some time to focus on songwriting, Valley of the Sun headed back to Nada Studio in September of 2013 to record their latest opus, the 10 song LP “Electric Talons of the Thunderhawk”.  This record finds the band becoming more adventurous musically, with more mature songwriting and sonic diversity.  “Electric Talons of the Thunderhawk” is Valley of the Sun’s first full length and first release with Fuzzorama Records.  The band will be touring internationally to support the release as they take the next big step in their musical career.

Valley of the Sun is:

Ryan Ferrier/Vocals and Guitar

Aaron Boyer/Drums

Ryan McAllister/Bass



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